Conferences, seminars and events held to raise awareness of various aspects of the SciShops project and work methodology. This category includes workshops held to develop simulations of participatory activities carried out with diverse groups.

Open Science International Staff Week

Open Science International Staff Week was held at the Getafe campus of the Carlos III University of Madrid from 6 to 8 November 2019. This international event has brought together experts from different universities working in open science with the aim of strengthening their collaborations, as well as sharing experiences around the priorities established in the European Open Science Agenda:

  • Rewards and Incentives
  • Research Indicators and Next-Generation Metrics
  • Future of Scholarly Communication
  • European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
  • FAIR Data
  • Research Integrity
  • Skills and Education
  • Citizen Science

In this context, the experience of UC3M-INAECU Science Shop has been presented by the coordinator, Elías Sanz:


2nd Meeting of Iberian Network of Science Shops 

The meeting, held on 23 October, took place at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon under the title “Towards an Iberian Network of Community-Based Participatory Research or Action Research”. Experts in citizen science and members of science shops in Portugal and Spain participated in this meeting, sharing their experience in this field. Daniela De Filippo and Elías Sanz, presented the work developed through the Science Shop INAECU-UC3M.

VII Social Science Communication Congress 2019 

VII Social Science Communication Congress (CCSC19) took place in the University of Burgos from 9th to 11th of October. The congress brought together experts who work to disseminate scientific knowledge. In this context, members of the Science Shop INAECU-UC3M presented two papers:

– Science at the service of society: co-creation of knowledge through science shops (Núria Bautista and Elías Sanz), where it was shown how a science shop initiative can use scientific knowledge to solve societal problems, analysing as a case study the UC3M Science Shop and the methodology, from the identification of the need/concern to its resolution.

– How does science reach the citizen? Aspects that can influence the social repercussion of scientific research (Antonio Eleazar Serrano-López and Daniela De Filippo), whose objective is the analysis of the flow of scientific communication that goes from research projects, the publication of results in scientific journals and their social repercussion, developing a model to identify factors associated with projects and publications that influence the repercussion of research on social networks.




European Researchers Night’ 2019 

The meeting was held on September 27, 2019, at the Puerta de Toledo campus of UC3M, under the theme Science and Fiction: Crossed Destinies. In this context, members of the Science Shop INAECU-UC3M organized the activity “Science Fiction at the Academy” where information on scientific papers used as resource films of this genre was presented. On the other hand, the image of the scientist (the most frequent stereotypes) was analysed, visualising fragments of videos from series or films of this type, which later gave rise to group dynamics.

The Challenges of Science Shops and Citizen Science in Spain and Portugal. How to involve the citizens. Creation of the Iberian Network of Science Shops

The meeting held on 6 May, which brought together experts and members of science shops in Spain and Portugal, aimed to exchange experiences and discuss the advantages and limitations of citizen science. In addition to this, at the end of the meeting a group dynamic was carried out in order to define a roadmap to advance in the creation of an Iberian network of science shops.




red ibérica de science shops


El desafío del agua 2

The challenge of water: citizen science for a sustainable world

The presentation “The Challenge of Water” was part of the event organized on April 24, 2019, at the UC3M Leganes campus, focused on the challenge of water, one of the objectives of sustainable development. The performance of the play “Mójate” by students of Clara Campoamor Secondary School (Móstoles), within the framework of the XXVIII Show of Theatre of Institutes of Móstoles, was part of the programmed activities. Subsequently, several talks were given by specialists in order to propose a reflection on the waste of water and its consequences, and to make known how citizen science can contribute to this development. In this context, members of the Science Shop INAECU-UC3M presented “The challenge of water: citizen science for a sustainable world”.

AGUA 2019 UC3M2

Youth Speak Forum 2019


YouthSpeak Forum is the event that unites the youth with experts, organizations, and companies to co-create projects that make known and implement in Spain the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) established by the UN as a global goal to achieve a better world in 2030.

The 2019 edition was held in Madrid, on the Getafe campus of the Carlos III University (April 2019). The event consisted of activities organized around major themes: inspiring talks, spaces for reflection, workshops, conferences. INAECU participated in this event by organizing one of the workshops that focused on the realization of an activity that simulates the dynamics of a science shop on sustainability and whose main objectives were to make known the principles (scope, dynamics, limitations) of Citizen Science, and to provide information on the SciShops project.


youth speak forum 2


Citizen Science to Build Sustainable Cities

Social impact of research: How does science reach the citizen?


On 22 February, the conference “Social impact of research: How does science reach the citizen” was held at the Getafe campus of the UC3M. The meeting brought together researchers and professionals in the field of communication to present and discuss various methodologies related to the measurement of research and its impact on social networks. Initiatives currently underway related to citizen science were also presented. You can download the presentations in the following link:


Fotos Jornada 22 feb 2019 (1)

XIII Week of Solidarity


The Challenge of Sustainability in Universities

This workshop was held within the framework of the UC3M solidarity week and took place on February 12, 2019. The objective of this activity was to create greater awareness and involvement on sustainability in the university community. To this end, after the presentation of the INAECU and its lines of activity, with emphasis on the SciShops project, scientific data were provided on the status of the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS) and their degree of compliance in Spain. Subsequently, three interactive activities were carried out in which ideas and opinions were contributed and exchanged with the public related to the actions carried out at the Carlos III University, the actions carried out at a local level in Getafe, and finally the last activity focused on the simulation of a Science Shop on sustainability, for which they were divided into three groups in order to represent citizens, the City Council and the university.

Participants: 19 students from the UC3M (belonging to the three campuses and to different degrees and courses, Law, Double Degree Law-ADE, Communication, Engineering, etc.).

IMG_semana solidaridad


The Challenge of Sustainability in Universities

European Researchers Night’ 2018 

INAECU participated in the European Researchers’ Night, held on 28 September 2018, by organising an activity entitled “Gender and Technology”. On this occasion, a poster was presented with scientific data from the She Figures 2015 reports and the Scientific Report in Figures 2015, and two participatory activities were carried out in which the public contributed their perceptions of the role of women in science, women in positions of power, or in the labour market in general. Participants showed interest in the topic and the project, contributed their experiences and generated debate. Information on the topic was also provided, as the situation of women in universities was not fully known by the attendees.

Finally, a poster of the SciShops project was presented, detailing the objectives of the project and explaining what a Science Shop is and what its functions are.

SciShops Researchers night


Demystifying Myths: Women, Science and Technology

Conference on Sustainability in Universities

Organisation of the I Conference on Sustainability in Universities at the Getafe campus of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

The main objective of this meeting was to present the progress made by higher education institutions in the definition and application of indicators to measure sustainability policies. In addition, different methodologies for the study and implementation of strategies related to sustainability in different contexts were discussed.
The presentations made at this conference are available at this link:

Citizen science in the school environment

Conference at the Regional Centre for Innovation and Teacher Training (CRIF) “Las Acacias”.

The conference was aimed at primary and secondary school teachers. The aim of the talk was to raise awareness of the interest of citizen science in the school environment. In addition, the project was presented, inviting the attending teachers to participate in future activities and to debate on topics of interest.

CRIF Las Acacias


investigacion participativa

Participatory research in the European Union: some experiences

The seminar held on May 18, 2018, was raised with the aim of addressing the challenges of citizen science, as well as the evolution of research on this subject. Some research experiences that apply participatory research were also presented, such as the REyAN project, focused on the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach to promote inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. This project is coordinated by Andoni Ibarra (IP) from Dept. of Logic and Philosophy of Science (UPV/EHU), and the project whose goal is to create and expand the capacity of the Science Shops ecosystem in Europe, of which INAECU forms part of the consortium. 

III Citizen Science Meeting

Promote the responsible and sustainable expansion of Science Shops in Europe (20/12/2017)

Presentation of the project by Elías Sanz, principal investigator from Carlos III University of Madrid.