Focus group

In this typology, meetings with different stakeholders to carry out “brain storming” on key issues, are considered. They are the preliminary step for co-creation events.

Mobility problems, pollution and sustainability

The first focus group was held in the Getafe Council on 22 June 2019. Technicians from Getafe City Council (Mobility and Urbanism areas), members of Science-Shop INAECU-UC3M, members of Sustainability Technical Committee from UC3M, members neighbourhood associations participated in it.
The main objective was the pooling of the main social problems previously collected by the municipality with different stakeholders in order to focus a work proposal. As a result, taking into account the capacities of the different groups involved, the interest shown by the neighbourhood associations and the material possibilities, it was decided to focus on the problems of mobility and accessibility aimed at vulnerable groups in a specific neighbourhood as a “pilot test”.

cocreacion 1

Co-creation events

This typology considers meetings in which different stakeholders participate with the aim of jointly designing the courses of action to be implemented in order to face a problem previously raised.

Co-design of solutions to the problems of lots reuse for social use in Madrid

The co-creation event was held on 20th of May. Different stakeholders participated in the event, including researchers from different fields (Social Sciences, Humanities and Law), staff of Madrid City Council (technical and policy makers), representatives of neighbourhood associations, staff of Green Office from UC3M and members of INAECU-UC3M Science Shop. The aim was to introduce the topic previously selected in order to solutions could be proposed from different perspectives in relation to the use of empty lots in Madrid, and thus be able to define a roadmap to follow.

cocreation 3