logo UC3M_INAECU Science ShopIn the UC3M-INAECU Science Shop, researchers, citizens, societal organizations (NGOs, NPOs), policymakers and enterprises co-develop research projects to create new scientific knowledge, trying to repond to the needs of the certain groups or social agents.

The science shop has been created in the framework of SciShops.eu project and its expertise is in sustainability. Currently, we are working on three research questions related to environmental sustainability and urban planning: 

  • Pollution in the town centre of Getafe
  • Mobility problems in Getafe
  • Reuse of public spaces for social uses in the Community of Madrid

Explore this website to learn more about our Science Shops activities and the projects in which you can participate.

Do you have a question about the Science Shop? Would you like to ask a research question related to sustainability to be solved through the Science Shop? Do you have a proposal to make your neighbourhood more sustainable? Are you an expert/researcher in some area of sustainability and would you like to participate as an expert in some participative experience? Contact us: info@inaecu.com

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