By implementing a multidisciplinary approach, the Institute intends to delve into the study and improvement of the management of research activities, models of teaching, transfer of knowledge among institutions in Higher education at national and international levels.


  1. Program on Policies and strategies of university system
  • Development of a database of sustainability indicators and performing RSU of the Spanish university system.
  • Study and analysis of:
    • International and national rankings,
    • Programs of excellence,
    • Financing models,
    • Contribution of universities to regional development.
  1. Program on Strategy and Quality of Higher Education Institutions
  • Governance Models
  • Leadership and Organizational Change
  • University Strategy
  • Alliances and Mergers. Size and Efficiency
  • University profiles. Differentiation of Universities
  • Quality assurance system of management and university teaching
  • Transfer of knowledge to the productive network
  • Graduate Employability and entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Fundraising

Higher Education Network (RES) Project

A set of services will be developed by INAECU aimed at meeting the needs that leaders and university managers (LDU) encounter in carrying out their work within a present and future context characterized by fragmentation, complexity and turbulence.

FORMAT: A combination of physical/face to face elements (seminars, training courses, workshops, conferences, etc.) together with virtual elements (website, forum, blog, etc.).

Line structure


  • Flor Sánchez  (UAM)
  • Fernando Casani (UAM)


  • Juan Alberto Sigüenza (UAM)
  • Carmen Pérez Esparrells (UAM)
  • Jesús Rodríguez Pomeda (UAM)
  • Raquel Galindo Dorado (UAM)
  • María del Mar Alonso Almeida (UAM)
  • Juan Ignacio Martin (UAM)
  • Javier Benayas (UAM)