1. Maintaining and Updating the IUNE Observatory
  • To provide other universities with a service to meet their needs for information on analysis of scientific activity of Spanish university system. Bibliometric and scientometric data are considered highly valuable in order to develop and monitor strategic plans, conducting benchmarking analysis and developing comparative studies with other institutions.
  • To provide information on Spanish scientific activity through the Observatory of Research Activity of the Spanish Universities (IUNE).
  1. Evaluation of scientific activity of countries, scientific areas and institutions
  • These activities will enable the creation of reports tailored to the needs of any institution that requires an assessment of the knowledge they generated.
  1. Development of methodologies and indicators relevant to research metric studies on information science
  • This is a transversal line within the Institute that aims to combine knowledge and create synergies.
  1. Design and development of databases
  • The creation of databases is something that may also be approached, since the members of the Institute have considerable experience in the creation of this type of resource.
  1. Research studies on habits and particularities of scientific activity undertaken by certain groups of scientists
  • Humanists and social scientists; health sciences, engineering.
  1. Analysis of transfer of knowledge between science and technology
  • A definite line of research connected to other research lines of the Institute in cooperation.
  1. Analysis based on patents, levels on innovation and development of adequate methodologies to identify their novelties.
  • This is another line of research, as in the previous case, working closely in cooperation with Institute research lines.

Research line structure


  • Elías Sanz Casado (UC3M)
  • María Jesús Zamora Calvo (UAM)


  • J. Carlos García Zorita (UC3M)
  • Pilar Serrano Gallardo (UAM)
  • Carmen Martín Moreno (UC3M)
  • María Luisa Lascurain Sánchez (UC3M)
  • Daniela De Filippo (UC3M)
  • Antonio E. Serrano López (UC3M)
  • Maria Elba Mauleón (UC3M)
  • Andrés Pandiella Dominique (UC3M)
  • Claudia Daniele de Souza (UC3M)
  • Núria Bautista Puig (UC3M)