This line of research meets the need to understand how current science, as belonging to our public system of knowledge, responds to significant questions which are valuable to society in preserving values and collective goals.

For this purpose, the study of different systems of knowledge is approached from many angles, mainly related to production and distribution of knowledge.


To analyze the structure of the different areas of epistemic credibility and their effect on forms of organization, institutional research and individual or personal dimensions.

Participants in this line of research also apply political and cultural analyses to the production and distribution of authority in the university system, the latter being the scenario in which conflicts, management of knowledge and its symbolic dimensions take place.

Key points of interest

  • Social Epistemology
  • Ethics on scientific knowledge
  • Political philosophy of science and technology
  • Democracy and culture (experts)
  • Public communication of science
  • Knowledge and conflict
  • Knowledge Institutions
  • Mission of the university


  • Fernando Broncano (UC3M)
  • Jesús Vega (UAM)