1311, 2019

Spanish Universities’ Sustainability Performance and Sustainability-Related R&D+I

De Filippo, D.; Sandoval-Hamón, A.; Casani, F.; Sanz-Casado, E. (2019) Spanish Universities’ […]

2210, 2019

Workshop “Detecting ‘fake news’ on sustainability”

As part of the 19th Science and Innovation Week in […]

1609, 2019

Knowledge café on pollution and mobility

We inform you of the celebration of a knowledge café […]

307, 2019

New edition of IUNE Observatory

The new edition of IUNE Observatory is available (

Next conference “The Challenges and Opportunities of ‘Open Science’ at the university”

On June 18, 2019, INAECU will organize the Conference: The […]

1402, 2019

Scientific Landscape of Citizen Science Publications: Dynamics, Content and Presence in Social Media

Bautista-Puig, N.; De Filippo, D.; Mauleón, E.; Sanz-Casado, E. (2019) […]

1302, 2019

Bibliometric and altmetric analysis of three social science disciplines

De Filippo, D.; Sanz-Casado, E.  (2018) Bibliometric and altmetric analysis […]

1302, 2019

Smart city research 1990–2016

Ingwersen, P.; Serrano-López, A.E. (2018) Smart city research 1990–2016. Scientometrics, […]

1302, 2019